We visited another new opening this week, Tous Les Jours, a French-Asian bakery chain that opened its first Connecticut location! Located in the center of New Haven on Chapel Street is the chain that has more than 70 stores in the United States, the closest being in New York. When I heard this bakery was opening I was ecstatic because whenever I drove up to New York I would look forward to visiting this bakery the most. This bakery has the best goods of bread, pastries, beverages, and cakes! What I love the most about this place is the variety of goods and how delicious they are. 

When you first enter the bakery there are trays for you to grab what you like and bring to the counter to pay, it allows you to fully look at all their pastries and take what you’re interested in. There’s a display for the cakes and macarons for you to choose from, along with the huge menu of beverages on the screen at the register. I was a little overwhelmed with how much they had to offer but I took this opportunity to purchase a lot of items.

We picked up some pastries, like a taro cream bun, chocolate croissant, roll cake, custard bun, and fruit pastries. . We also ordered two slices of cake, the matcha green grape and strawberry cloud. Tous Les Jours is known for its signature cloud cakes, which are fruity-filled cakes with a light soft texture. These cakes tasted soft and although very light they filled my sweet tooth and stood out to me for their bright colored layers and cream. Along with a tiramisu cake, that was a dreamily soft and creamy with a light flavor of coffee. We got a some macarons to try also that tasted perfectly sugary.

My sister had her birthday so we also decided to order a cake for the weekend, the worker showed us a menu with the cakes they offered and we were able to order for pick-up for the day of. We got the Mango Cloud #2 Cake and it was so pretty and cost $39, which seemed like a good price to me for such a pretty designed cake. It was decorated with mangos and blueberries on top, with a light cream that coated the whole cake, the inside was filled with mangos and tasted light and sweet. I would recommend ordering a cake from here, it tasted perfect for those who don’t like overly sweet cakes, and the fruit makes it even better. 

Back to our order, we got two drinks, the Iced Ube Latte with whole milk and the Strawberry Lemonade. The Ube Ice Latte is an Ube flavored latte, which is a purple yam and it was one of the best Ube drinks I tasted. The color was a bright purple color and since it was a latte it didn’t taste like a regular milk tea instead it seemed to have more flavor. The Strawberry Lemonade was a bright red color with a lemon slice inside it, since it was an ade, it had sparkling water mixed and it was such a nice refreshing drink on a hot day.

The bakery itself was larger than I imagined and had a good amount of seating inside, with free wifi and comfy cushioned seats. It’s a nice place to chat with friends and meet up or to relax while working on your laptop. I noticed a lot of people stayed and did this, including myself. They also had a small section of merch goods, with stuff like mugs, tumblers, T-shirts, and packaged coffee and tea mix. Which were all so cute and I feel that next time I’d fall into the marketing scheme and purchase one of their merchandise. 

I’m so excited to keep visiting this bakery regularly and purchase more from them, looking forward to trying more from their selection of macarons next time!