There’s a newly opened bubble tea shop on College Street called Tai Chi Bubble Tea, on the left of T-Swirl Crepe that I have reviewed previously. Tai Chi Bubble Tea has recently opened its New Haven location and the place is gorgeous with spacious dining and a modern interior. It seems to be a very relaxing place to have lunch and drink bubble tea, with free wifi to bring your laptop and do some work. The menu has a large variety of hot and cold drinks and different types of poke. Poke is diced raw fish served in rice bowls, salad bowls, or as a burrito, wrapped in seaweed and rice.

I ordered the poke burrito and was given a sheet to fill out the ingredients I wanted to add to my burrito. They have a large selection of ingredients to add and it was hard to choose how many I wanted to include! I decided on white rice with sesame seeds, with a green base of lettuce, with tuna and salmon as my proteins, pickled radish, avocado, edamame, corn, spicy mayo sauce, seaweed salad, and teriyaki seaweed. 

The raw fish tasted fresh and the ingredients complemented each other well. I plan on ordering more from this place and next time in a rice bowl. I love eating poke bowls in general and this place is going to be one of my new favorite spots, seeing how delicious their ingredients are compared to other places I’ve been to. I was very impressed with the outcome of this burrito because it’s honestly difficult to find a good poke place in Connecticut. Most places don’t have many ingredients and with raw fish, it’s hard to have it taste good all the time. 

We also ordered the Taichi Rice Box, which is sweet and savory meat over white rice, there’s unagi (eel), beef, and roasted pork. We ordered the Beef Taichi Rice box, which comes with a soy egg and green onions. This tasted perfect, the meat was savory and the portion was a lot, but the downside to this was that there wasn’t enough meat to compliment the huge amount of  rice there was. Overall a very filling meal and would taste better with additional meat, I have yet to try the other rice boxes, but you can never fail with beef! 

Along with our food, we got two bubble teas, a Passionfruit Fruit Tea with Lychee Jelly and a Peach Fruit Tea with Mango Jelly. These weren’t overpoweringly sweet so if you don’t like too much sweetness in your bubble tea, their fruit teas are the best! I should’ve tried one of their signature drinks rather than the regular fruit teas, but I’m looking forward to visiting again to try more of their teas. 

This was a fun experience since this place is new to New Haven and is spacious with the upstairs seating and downstairs area, it’s such a lovely place to relax and meet up with friends. When the semester starts I’m looking forward to stopping by this place to do my schoolwork, the atmosphere is great and it isn’t too noisy or overcrowded. They seem to be targeting the Yale university students being in the center of New Haven and having an aesthetically pleasing interior. 

If you’re looking for a bubble tea place with poke, this is the place for you! It seems that they’ll be adding ramen to their menu soon which is something I’m looking forward to the most when I come back!