Are you looking for something sweet? Head to T-Swirl Crêpe for the best crepes in New Haven! I visit this place or order delivery from here often when I’m craving some dessert, they’re a Japanese Crepe location with gluten-free crepes for the best crispy texture! They sell both regular-sized and mini-sized crepes and you can customize them to add whatever ingredients you like or choose any of their signature crepes from the menu! Besides sweet crepes, they also have a separate menu for savory crepes, gelato, bubble tea, and other drinks! They’re located on College St, directly next to OhK-Dog! 

Since we were dining in today, we walked in and ordered from their touch-screen ordering device, which is a very useful and modern option to avoid contact with others and also convenient to use your credit card or Apple Pay. Being able to choose from the menu on the screen itself and customize everything as you order makes ordering easier and less time-consuming to look at the menu, plus you’re able to look at all the available add-ons to make your crepe as unique as you want it to be! 

We ordered a classic mini Strawberry Nutella crepe with added-on Vanilla gelato which includes sliced strawberries and Nutella. Then we ordered a mini Mango Raspberries crepe with added-on lychees and vanilla gelato, which consists of fresh mango, raspberries, custard creme, whipped yogurt, chocolate pearls, chocolate sauce, and almonds. Then another classic mini Strawberry Banana Nutella crepe, which consists of sliced strawberries and banana with Nutella. We ordered minis because we ate shortly before coming but the regular-sized crepes are actually pretty big and the minis are as good to fill yourself for dessert! Especially with the added ice cream it still makes for a big dessert.

The crepes taste absolutely delicious and depending on your taste preference they make the best signature crepes so I always have been ordering the Mango Raspberries, which are the perfect combination of sweetness and sourness of the raspberries. The crispy crepe is the best here compared to any other place in my opinion and isn’t too overpowering with sweetness. It’s fun to come by because you’re able to see them make the crepes in front of you too which is always interesting. While the classic strawberry Nutella and strawberry banana Nutella crepes aren’t filled with too many ingredients, it has the perfect amount of delicacy and doesn’t have too many different flavors, perfect for those who like something simple! 

All these options are sweet-filled treats and didn’t take long to come out after ordering, they’ll call the number on your receipt to have you pick it up from the counter. I’d say it’s fairly priced, it can get a bit expensive if you’re ordering bubble tea or a smoothie as well but we didn’t order any this time.

They also sell alot of Japanese and Asian snacks/beverages on the side of the entrance! It’s great to have such a variety of options for their customers to choose from and makes this place really stand out compared to other crepe or dessert places. I had a fun time here and next time I will definitely try one of their savory crepes for lunch!